The new commentary podcast

I've been writing a series of new commentary posts recently. I like to produce an audio version of each essay for people who would rather listen than read.

If you haven't been following along, I have narrowed the focus of my writing to these categories: the local church, radio and podcasting, open source software, journalism, communications, photography, education, and web development.

You can subscribe in any of your favorite apps, several of which I have linked here. A new episode will be released every Wednesday. They will usually be less than five minutes long.

This is my first non-ministry podcast offering. The others I have released personally - all 637 episodes - have been focused on short, medium, and long-form Bible teaching.

I’ve  really enjoyed commenting on these topics so far. I have several new drafts in a Joplin folder just waiting to be finished. With several more days off this summer I have extra time to write.

The next seven weeks of podcasts are already scheduled. I hope you will listen or download if you can.