More details from Piti

I’ve been back to the mahogany forest three times since my last post. One of those visits included only trail-clearing with a machete. The main path is still obstructed by a large tree that came down in Typhoon Mawar. I hope someone with more time and equipment will come over and remove it.

Deborah and I walk the trails together and are gathering knowledge about the common features of the area. I plan to document as much of it as I can for this project. We have visited nearly all of the popular hiking trails and jungle walks on the island over the past nine years and agree this habitat is unique for Guam.

Based on its overgrowth, I assume we are the only regular visitors. I saw one other couple headed in that direction, but they turned back when they saw the trail conditions. That is why I have concentrated on clearing things up the last few weeks. These trees are worth seeing when visiting the Guns Unit.

A few of the images in these triptychs are unlikely to make the final cut when I organize the collection for print. Whatever the case, I am excited to share my progress and hope a commitment to doing so will be extra motivation to finish.

My vacation starts on Tuesday. A portion of it will be spent in Piti with a camera. I am looking forward to it.